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December 2014

“T plus one Advent candles and counting up.”

So we begin the Advent season, preparing our hearts, home and congregation for the celebration of Christmas.

In preparation for Christmas, our congregation has been busy thinking of others. A huge box of coats, scarves, mittens, gloves and socks has been filled. An Angel Tree has been stripped bare of it angels and members have shopped for beautiful gifts to be distributed to those who would otherwise not receive gifts. Mike Hiner is recruiting volunteers to serve at the new homeless shelter in Easton, for the week beginning on December 28. The Sunday School is practicing for its annual Christ-mas program.

All of this is a lot of work, a lot of busyness, a lot of expense. Yes, of course it is. But we don’t mind. We are seeking the Christ child, lying in a manger, homeless and cold and whose loving parents could not afford gifts. By serving others, we find Jesus.

As the Advent candles count up to the celebration of Christmas, I’m truly humbled by the Christmas spirit that Holly Scrollhas gripped St. Paul’s this season. I’m humbled and grateful, to be able to wish you a “blessed Christmas.” Jesus is the reason for cele-bration, and you have held him very close in your ministries of love and compas-sion.Thank you. Trust in God.

Merry Christmas, Pastor Thom

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