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Due to the weather forecast of rain and wind, the Oktoberfest event scheduled for 
Saturday, Oct. 3rd
has been rescheduled for next Saturday, Oct. 10th at 3 p.m.
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October 2015

14 Luke, the beloved physician, (Colossians 4:14a) 11 Only Luke is with me. (2Timothy 4:11a)
24 and so do Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke, my fellow workers. (Philemon 1:24)

Who is this man Luke? As much as people think he was, in truth, Luke was not one of the twelve disciples. Saint Paul mentions him as a physician and fellow worker. He is the accepted writ-er of the Gospel bearing his name and the Book of Acts.

WindowThe church marks October 18th as his feast day and should be celebrated when it falls on a Sunday. Why? We should know the ordinary people like you and me Christ called to be a proclaimer of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Luke through his gospel moves from being just a healer of bodies but to a healer of souls also.

Luke is assumed to have been able to speak with Jesus’ mother Mary. How else could he have included the Christmas story we hear on Christmas Eve with information that only a mother would be able to tell and is only included in Luke. There are more meal stories in his gospel and healings not found in other gospels. His recounting of the Beatitudes ends with a few “woe to you” for those who think they are untouchable for their sins to the community.

Not much else is known of Luke. Taylor Caldwell in her novel “Dear and Glorious Physi-cian” portrays Luke as hearing about Jesus and going to great lengths to find him but who never quite makes it. (It’s a great book-try reading it sometime.) By the time he gets close enough Jesus had been crucified and risen and has ascended to heaven. Luke does encounter some of the other disciples and does go on to travel with Saint Paul as the scripture noted above validates.

The idea that Luke “misses” Jesus in Caldwell’s novel should be encouraging for us as we can many time “miss the mark” in following Jesus. Yet in repentance and faith we know Jesus forgives us and can and does still use us to carry on the work of the gospel through what we say and do. We all have the ability to help the spiritual life of others as we go about our daily lives no matter what it is we do for work or play.

Let us remember all the disciples were not necessarily the wisest of men in the world, just maybe for their own little corner of it for the lives they were leading. We have in the disciples mostly fishermen, a tax collector and who knows what else. They are all great examples of how God uses all of us to spread the gospel in our corner of the world which is a great place to begin spreading the good news of salvation obtained through the cross of our Christ.

Go out and proclaim through word and deed,

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