Deacon Mike Hiner

Michael Hiner was called as St. Paul's Deacon and was consecrated by Bishop Bill Gohl on April 7, 2019.

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Among the early settlers of Talbot County Maryland there were Christians of the Lutheran Faith. Most of these settlers had come from Germany. In the early 1900's they formed a congregation and worshiped at Zion Lutheran Church "Longwoods" (which later became Grace Lutheran Church of Easton

Many members lived in the Cordova area and found that travel to Longwoods was a hardship. They decided to organize and build their own church. St. Paul's was dedicated on May 23, 1909 with services held in both German and English.

While services are now held only in English, the German heritage is still celebrated. The words Vertrau auf Gott (Trust in God) are painted above the altar, and an Oktoberfest is held each fall. The congregation has grown to include people of varying ethnic backgrounds and people from outside the Cordova area. Members now come from surrounding counties and even from Delaware to worship with us.

To accommodate the growth of the congregation the church was renovated and expanded in 2008. While the original character of the building was preserved, along with original worship furnishings, it was modernized to make it comfortable for worshipers in the twenty-first century.